Publication Ethics

Statement of Publication Ethics

1st Business and Entrepreneurship international Conference

The Business and Entrepreneurship International Conference aims to provide a unique international forum to exchange cutting-edge information, connect with experts, be inspired, and celebrate our work through multidisciplinary presentations and research paper. All authors submitting their papers to the conference for publication confirm that the submitted research papers are their own contributions and have not been copied either in whole or in part from other research paper or work. Each submission is anonymously reviewed (double blind review) by an average of three reviewers, to ensure the final high standard quality of each accepted paper, the organizing committee guarantees that the entire peer review and publication process is thorough, objective and confidential.

Kindly find below a brief summary of conference proceedings' general rules and regulations:

1. Conference Proceedings

The first edition of the proceeding’s will be launched in 2021 with the conference launching. The Proceedings have high standards relating to the quality of academic and industrial contributions.

2. Confidentiality

The review process is confidential. Keeping all information confidential during the review is part of the standard communication to all reviewers. Misuse of confidential information is a severe professional failure, and appropriate measures will be taken when brought to the attention of Conference organizers.

3. Peer Review Process

Conference reviewing system is double blind, in that authors do not know the names of the reviewers of their papers, and the area reviewers cannot, without the author/s permission, know the names of the authors from the submission and any additional material.

Each submission is subject to a minimum of three reviewers from the conference technical committee both at the abstract stage and the paper. The reviewers are assigned according to the thematic area or topic of the paper.

4. Publication

The papers submitted for publication in conference proceeding will be made publicly available on the conference online proceedings within two weeks after the conference with a permanent online open access to them.

5. Copyright

At the point of submitting a research paper to the BEIC conference, authors agree to transfer copyright to it on acceptance of their final manuscript. The copyright statement is included in the conference website and speakers personal page. Copyright is not transferred, and authors retain rights over the submission if the research papers were withdrawn at any stage until the proceedings are finalized.

For Multi-authored papers, all joint authors should sign, or one of the authors should sign as authorized agent for the others.

6. Authorship and Contributions

The general conference rules require that authors should only submit original work that has not appeared elsewhere for publication is not under review for another publication or conference. The submitting author is responsible for obtaining the agreement of all co-authors and any consent required from employers before submitting a research paper.

7. Anti-Plagiarism

Plagiarism includes data, text, figures and analysis methodology, the words or results of another without credit. We actively check for plagiarism and in case of any submissions where plagiarism is suspected is declined immediately. Minor infringements are dealt with during the review and copy-editing stages.